Intel HD Graphics

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Artikel IT

Visually stunning graphics without extra hardware

Intel® HD Graphics, simplifies your designs by eliminating additional discrete graphics hardware, while integrating stunning visuals and performance for immersive gaming. That’s because the graphics engine and media processing in 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3, Core™ i5, and Core™ i7 processors are integrated right on the processor. Intel® HD Graphics delivers up to 3X performance over previous-generation Intel® HD Graphics – with additional headroom for future graphics applications. Plus, it integrates advanced 3D processing for stunning visual experiences.

Graphics built into the CPU

Intel® HD Graphics is next-generation graphics technology in 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors. Intel® HD Graphics integrates high-performance graphics and media processing right on the processor, putting the two key gaming components – CPU processing and graphics – together on a single chip. Two versions of Intel® HD Graphics are available: Intel® HD Graphics 3000 and Intel® HD Graphics 2000.

How it works

Intel® HD Graphics take advantage of graphics being integrated into the processor, thus significantly boosting performance, while eliminating the need for separate hardware and the design and performance challenges that accompany them. The graphics engine includes more, redesigned execution units (EUs) and enhanced 3D functionality.
Intel® HD Graphics includes these innovative features and benefits:

  • Accelerated graphics processing takes advantage of shared last-level cache between the processor and graphics.
  • Intel® 32nm process technology throughout, delivers higher performance and better energy efficiency.
  • Faster 3D rendering and more complex shading create more responsive and realistic 3D gaming.
  • Intel® HD Graphics 3000 delivers immersive and casual mainstream gaming capabilities with entry-level discrete graphics card performance without an additional graphics card or chip.
  • Intel® HD Graphics 2000 delivers casual mainstream gaming capabilities without an additional graphics card or chip.


By: Ivan S.

  1. rezarion says:

    Hmmm.. Keren jg nih blog, ada artikel with english language.. hhe..
    Bagus gan, IT kan mencakup Dunia Internasional jg..
    Eh kog jdi gk nyambung ya..
    Aduh maaph..

    nice article kog..

    jdi tahu cara kerjanya..

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